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Is Oxygen4Energy Safe?


Yes. Each can of Oxygen4Energy contains approximately 4 liters of 95% oxygen per can with the remaining 5% being ambient air; research has proven that 99% oxygen flowing continuously can be detrimental unless administered by a prescription, for hours at a time. Oxygen4Energy is administered in short bursts determined by the desired result and activity requisite of supplemental oxygen. No research indicates periodic shots of oxygen are detrimental to your health, especially at 95% oxygen. that short bursts of oxygen can be detrimental to your health.

Is Oxygen4Energy approved by the FDA?

Oxygen4Energy is not a drug, it is organically occurring thus is not subject to FDA approval. Oxygen4Energy is designed as a supplement and is for recreational use. It is not used to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Since medical oxygen, which is 99% pure is not used in Oxygen4Energy; it has not been reviewed or approved by the FDA.

Can I become addicted to Oxygen4Energy?

No! Oxygen is all natural and when used as directed, intermittently, there is no risk for addiction.

Can Oxygen4Energy be used Medically?

Since Oxygen4Energy is non stimulant and the metabolizing of oxygen occurs naturally in all states of activity, the reaction to more oxygen in your system depends on your body’s level of deficiency. The higher the oxygen deficiency the more beneficial the effect the supplemental oxygen will have. Another factor in efficacy depends on the dosage, in which case we refer you to the Usage tips. The state of the body determines the dosage and effect, since a body at rest requires different dosages than a body preparing or in the middle of vigorous activity. For best results, please refer to our usage guide.

How much Oxygen do I need per serving?

A few suggestions would be, if you are experiencing fatigue, not caused by strenuous physical exertion, you may only need several small shots. However, if you are using Oxygen4Energy for recovery purposes after strenuous exercise or after an unrestful night sleep, you may want to modify the use accordingly to more shots. The way each body metabolizes and uses oxygen varies by age and level of physical fitness, thus each persons’ dosage varies on the intended results and fitness.

Can I transport Oxygen4Energy on a commercial airplane?

Oxygen4Energy is not allowable on board commercial aircraft due to TSA requirements.


Is Oxygen4Energy good for sports and fitness?

Absolutely! Those looking to achieve milestones in their fitness goals or those simply looking to start a fitness program will benefit from Oxygen4Energy. Oxygen4Energy increases performance and endurance, as well as reduces inflammation resultant from strenuous exercise. Consult your doctor before embarking on a new fitness program.


Can Oxygen4Energy help with my hangover?

One of the ways a hangover is experienced is the deficiency of oxygen flowing through the body due to high blood alcohol level, introducing higher levels of oxygen to the bloodstream not only alleviates common symptoms of a hangover, but can help prevent a hangover if used before bed. Many physicians recommend inhaling oxygen as a fast way to overcome a hangover and there are countless businesses that offer services for portable medical oxygen for this reason. For best results, we recommend taking several breaths before you go to sleep and directly upon rising if symptoms persist.

If you do not experience occasional fatigue, altitude sickness, problems with endurance, or sleeplessness, you should stick to ambient oxygen that provides a maximum of 21% oxygen. However, if you are like our many users and would like to know the feeling of instant wellbeing, increased endurance, ease of sleep, you should try bursts of 95% oxygen that make the Oxygen4Energy difference.

Oxygen is the most important nutrient to the cells in your body and plays an integral role in almost every bodily function. It is responsible for producing up to 90% of your body’s energy and it makes up approximately 96% of your body’s nutritional needs. You can live without food for weeks, without water for days, but only a few minutes without oxygen.

Oxygen4Energy is one of the fastest, most effective ways to flood your body with valuable oxygen at any time! Try some today and see what a difference EFFECTIVE oxygen supplementation can make in your life!






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